You are not alone.

Are you:

Concerned about drinking, addictive use of food or other unhealthy patterns in your life?
Experiencing shame, guilt or anxiety around your behaviors?
An empath struggling with addiction or life struggles?
Considering an alcohol-free life or in early recovery?
Looking to increase your joy in recovery?
Concerned about alcohol-related health issues?
Looking for alternatives to traditional 12-step programs?
Confused how to navigate your wellness?

Is there a disconnect between the person you truly want to be and your behavior?

If you are a woman (cisgender, transgender or non-binary individual who identifies with women's communities) who is in or seeking recovery from alcohol use, food addiction, codependency or low self-esteem, this is an opportunity to see your possibilities, build on your strengths, align with your goals, enhance your most authentic self and create a recovery pathway that is sustainable and prevents relapse.

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." ~Lao Tzu

I’ve been there…

I am an empath in long term recovery from a moderate alcohol use disorder, with a lifelong history of disorder eating, poor body image equivalating my self-worth with body size, addictive use of food, codependency, caffeine abuse, using “busy” as distraction and avoidance leading to burn out, grief, negative thought patterns and low self-esteem, stemming from childhood trauma.
    Putting down alcohol was the catalyst to identify the behaviors and beliefs that were no longer serving me, further enhancing my recovery.

You don’t have to do it alone…

Often clients come to me having educated themselves through various books, programs and podcasts, but need the support and guidance to take their first recovery steps and create their unique pathway.
    Whether you are new to recovery or looking to up-level your recovery, I can help.  My coaching style is a blend of proven scientific and holistic approaches.  They are strength-based, forward focused and self-empowering.


With my help...

Take your power back.

Live in charge and in control.

Gain self-confidence.

Reveal your authentic self.

Develop healthier relationships.

Increase happiness using proven methods.

I seek to help encourage and empower women who are struggling with food addictionsobriety and co-dependency to find sustainable happiness and health. We focus on our individual strengths, take care of our mind, body, and spirit, so we may find peace with our past, and live fully in the present. Each of us are recovering in some area of our lives, but you do not have to wait for desperation or hopelessness to change your path.

Start living your best life today...

How does a Recovery Coach Help?

As a Certified Recovery Coach, I help women with addictive behaviors and co-dependency by offering experience, confidentiality, resources, accountability, tools to communicate with, and personal, one-on-one support. The relationship is collaborative, guiding, and can help with identifying and achieving goals that you choose for yourself.

We are all recovering from something. We don’t have to hit rock bottom to pursue recovery in any area of our lives.

Goal Setting
& Weekly Check-ins

Recovery is a journey to wholeness – we take care of our mind, body & spirit. We find & follow individualized pathways to fulfillment.


We focus on our strengths, not our defects. This is how we change. We learn from & make peace with our past so we can live fully in the present!

Reveal ~ Recover ~ Reconnect

Recovery coaching for ongoing sobriety, co-dependence or self esteem.

Your Authentic Self.

One of my greatest fears was who I would become in recovery, but who I became was one of my greatest gifts. Through this journey you will REVEAL your true and authentic self.


your life

Through your journey you will remember what you love, what brings you joy, what lights you up and why you are here.


to your higher purpose.

Take back your power and begin a self directed journey to wholeness.


Meg Lewis is a collaborative author of the number one best seller: “The Empath Effect: Powerful Stories of Love, Courage & Transformation.”

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Why Meg?

Having multiple professional certifications through accredited educational partners with a focus on quality standards and ethics, Meg’s expertise includes:
  • Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC)
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • Professional Food Addiction Coach (PFAC in progress)
  • She Recovers Coach Designate (SRCD)
  • In long-term recovery
  • Trauma informed
  • 5 years coaching experience
  • Registered Cardiac Sonographer
Meg is a certified recovery coach and registered healthcare professional with over 30 years of experience working in direct patient care, management and education. Always a proactive individual, Meg is passionate about designing unique recovery pathways in complete confidentiality, and able to assist clients from the privacy of their home via phone, Skype or Zoom.
Please contact me to schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery call and we can discuss what is ideal for you!


Experienced, confidential, personal & one-on-one support.

I found comfort knowing Meg understood and could relate to my alcohol addiction. Meg coached me through a very fearful time during early sobriety. She continues to empower me through my recovery, 115 days and counting.

~ Amanda H.

Meg has such a caring and non-judgmental manner about her.  She was able to guide me to take a holistic approach to life and focus in on what exactly it was that I was looking for. Our sessions together helped me build a framework to identify the changes I wanted to make while focusing on the strengths I already possessed. With positive reinforcement and accountability, Meg has enabled me to grow into the woman I was meant to be and I am forever grateful.

~ Debra M.

Educational Partners

Strong & Creative Women focused on excellence in ethics, education, standards, professional development, industry collaboration, and public service.
We do recover!

Coaching Packages & Philosophy

I have been pressured into coaching packages or programs in the past, only to find that it wasn’t right for me or that I was not ready, leaving me feeling cheated and further deflated. I want you to succeed and have a positive experience. I work with a small number of individuals at a time and availability is typically from 5 to 8 pm weeknights and as-available on weekends, eastern standard time.

I have designed my packages to be fairly priced and flexible. They are based on the theoretical 5 stages of change: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance or relapse prevention.
"On the Fence"

One-time 90-minute session

This is for the individual who is “on the fence” about changing. In the pre-contemplation, contemplation or preparation stages. In these stages you may be starting to recognize the need to change, thinking about changing or planning to change.

No matter what you need to recover from, it is a journey. I sat on the fence for 7 years before I finally succeeded. There were so many positive changes I had made along the way, but I did not have the tools to recognize the wins and see the skill building.

In this session you will gain clarity, build the framework toward your desire, get tools and positive reinforcement.




10 Session package

This is for the individual in the preparation and action stages who is ready to dive deep.  This is the most economical package, and the sessions can be used at your discretion based on your need and availability.  Clients who purchase this package also receive priority scheduling and text message access.


"On Demand"


Single Maintenance session

This is for individuals in the maintenance phase or for those at any stage that are not able to commit to the 10-session package. One must have completed the initial 90-minute “On the Fence” session before being eligible for “On-Demand” sessions.


~ Schedule a free 30 minute consultation by phone or video for remote 

or international coaching.


~ If based in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, in-person coaching is available.

Start living your best life today.
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Session availability is 5-8pm, Monday through Friday
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